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10th Winter Slide a success!

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January 24-30, 2022

2022 Winter Slide


The AXTELL Derby

Open Derby will offer a 2nd slate of Open, Int. Open and Ltd Open Ancillary Classes

The Red River Vet & Repro Non Pro Challenge(8&over)

NP Challenge and Derby run concurrent and offer a 2nd slate of Non Pro, Int NP, Ltd NP ancillary classes

January 24-30, 2022


                                                                             STALL CHART


HARDY MURPHY COLISEUM               Judges:

ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA                                                        


Contact information:         


 Sponsorship Opportunities:

Phone:  903-814-0506 for sponsorships, paid warm ups and stalls

                  559-760-0512 for entry information

Show Office- beginning January 24th 559-760-0512

                show office does not have very good cell service- feel free to text!

Social Media and Photographer: coming soon